Since 2003 I have been experimenting, researching and developing ideas and themes relating to the demise of traditional cultures and practices. This project has enabled me to meet many special people in unique circumstances and inspired me to capture and preserve a few moments of their lives. I have finally finished the first group of works in the series which was made in Nagaland.This first part of the project was focused on four colourful people's lives and are made as three dimensional multi-media reconstructions. Nagaland is where I was born, which is why it was my starting point for this project. However, the issue of cultural traditions being eroded and how to preserve them in the face of constant technological and societal change, is a relevant and important question to people in countries across the world. It is a wider theme that I am pursuing to explore in my future works. The second part of Living Impressions will take me to Central Asia. I hope to be starting this in the very near future.